Working as an Expatriate in Europe

My Deployment to Ukraine

After several years of actively working within the African continent; supporting development and transitional projects, the decision to move to Europe for further studies in International Humanitarian Action and to build my professional portfolio as an expat in the field was very strategic for me to build capacity in multi-regional level programming. Shifting from field coordination and implementation to program development, grant management and compliance was the objective.

On July 1st, 2022 I started working with one of the largest International Non Profits in Europe, and was deployed to support the Program Development & Grants Team of its Ukraine Country Portfolio as ‘Project Reporting Coordinator’. Beyond meeting my career objectives, I am more fulfilled in the fact that at such a critical time, I am contributing to the Ukrainian population, supporting the most affected people who are displaced, at-risk and in dire need of emergency/humanitarian assistance. Everyday, I am interfaced with stories from communities on the impact of the war on the lives of different categories of vulnerable population. Reflecting on the contribution of our work is what fuels my energy daily.

Arrival in Ukraine- Lviv, Kyiv

Just crossed the Poland-Ukraine boarder on foot with my Nigerian passport (my face after the usual lengthy checks). Now headed to Lviv.

I travelled from Germany to Czech, then to Poland, to cross the border into Ukraine. I had a mix of feelings through out the long 2-3 days trip, thinking about different scenarios but I already looked forward to this trip for such a long time, and I am very proud of myself for making it.

While waiting for a train from Lviv to Kyiv, I saw so many hugs at the train station, but this was the longest. It is so heart warming to see families reunite again after a long separation due to the war.

For this intense phase of my life and my career, I am committing to making impact to humanity.

“Could anything be better than this Waking up every day knowing that lots of people are smiling because you chose to impact lives, making the world a better place.”

Anyaele Sam Chiyson
Potrait of me wearing a purple top and glasses

The journey is not only inspiring but also transformational for me, as on this side, life is seen from a very different point of view. The most important thing about living is giving! In this season of my life, I have a chance to contribute to the alleviation of suffering, the promotion of human dignity and independence, and I look forward to its fullest exploration.

There are many persons with disabilities, children, women, boys and men of different sexuality and tribe, intensely impacted everyday by the war in Ukraine. I pray for Grace, I pray for God’s intervention and most especially for Peace. I pray for Ukraine, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Cameroon, Iraq, Ethiopia and many other Nations at War this day. To all humanitarians deployed across different regions to support the vulnerable population affected by disaster or conflict, I celebrate you and I pray for strength. Do take care of yourself!

Deborah Brown Majekodunmi

18 thoughts on “Working as an Expatriate in Europe

  1. Respects Debbie, I am really proud of you and specially your selflessness to work. Enjoy the services that are put forth on your shoulders and ace every challenge which comes your way.

    Humble Regards.

  2. Well done Debby. Always impressive, taking up bigger responsibilities daily, inspiring the younger generation, impacting the world. God keep you and strengthen you the more.
    Please remember to mention NIGERIA in your prayers.
    Thank you.

  3. I’m most especially fascinated at how much passion and energy you have for the vulnerable in the society. Keep impacting lives Debby. More strength and grace from the Almighty.

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