My IndieWebCamp experience

Group photo with IndieWebCamp participants

I have always wanted to move beyond planning and journaling to getting my hands on actual tech related projects. After deciding the tech area I love to focus and build on, IndieWebCamp was the next best ship I needed to sail.

I met amazing techies and web content creators who motivated me to create my own web space with my own domain where I can express creative freedom 100%. This is what IndieWeb is about.

IndieWeb is a community of individual personal websites, connected by simple standards, based on the principles of owning your own domain, using it as your primary identity, to publish on your own site and own your own data.


At IndieWebCamp I understood the power of having a space where you exert control over what is being posted, in what style or format the content is published, whether you want external opinion or not.

With the level of social pressure, tension and the double lives portrayed on the internet, resulting in different kinds of behavioral and psychological consequences, the key messages of IndieWeb rejuvenated my soul.

and Yes! My first ever personal website was created during IndieWebCamp

It’s feels like the beginning of a whole new milestone for me, and I’m excited to journal and share more about my journey.

Photo of me, holding a placard. It reads CGI Next

At the IndieWebCamp I met UXers, developers, and programmers. Even though I was at basic level, I did not feel alone, I was fully supported by everyone, and I built my first personal website on Day 2 🤩. I also joined the breakout interactive session- “How to create an IndieWebPage”, a topic I was very curious to learn about, but my group well experienced people shed insights and I can refer to that as my #IndieWeb 101 course haha.

I recommend IndieWebCamp to anyone who would love to be motivated to create their own serene space in the internet.

Many techies spend time implementing projects for clients, and have little or no time devoted to create their own personal web page, content on their experiences or best practice.

This is a call to Action!!

– Deborah Brown Majekodunmi

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